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L’eccitante e provocatorio Climax di Gaspar Noé vince #Sitges2018!

di il 16/10/2018

The Special Jury Award goes to ‘Lazzaro Felice’, which also wins the Critics’ Awards, while Panos Cosmatos picks up the Award for Best Director for ‘Mandy’

The list of award winners at the 51st Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia was very widely dispersed. Filmmaker Gaspar Noé and Climax convinced the jury of the Official Selection, which presented it with the award for Best Feature Length Film. The Special Jury Award was for the fantastic fable Lazzaro Felice, which picked up two more prizes, the Critics’ Award and the Carnet Jove Jury Award. Meanwhile, filmmaker Panos Cosmatos was proclaimed best director for Mandy.

The Argentinean director residing in France, Gaspar Noé, after winning the Golden Méliès Award a few days ago for the year’s best European fantastic production, obtained the Award for Best Feature Length Film at Sitges 2018. Climax is a sensorial and lysergic festival to the rhythm of urban dance, with the dose of perturbation that characterizes Gaspar Noé. In this new film, Noé locks viewers up, along with a group of dancer, in a large house in the middle of the snow to rehearse the choreographies for their new show.

From Italy comes Lazzaro Felice, the third movie by the screenwriter and filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher, which thrilled Cannes, where it picked up the award for best screenplay. It’s a film that’s hallway between a tale, magical realism, social drama and science fiction, which was presented by actor Sergi López at a packed Retiro theater. The film picked up three prizes: the Special Jury Award, the Critics’ Award and the Carnet Jove Jury Award.

Meanwhile, Mandy, a powerful action and vengeance film with dazzling aesthetics was acknowledged by the Official Selection Jury that rewarded the work of its director, Panos Cosmatos.


Secció Oficial Fantàstic Sitges 51

Best feature lengthfilm: CLIMAX, de Gaspar Noé

Special Jury Award: LAZZARO FELICE, d’Alice Rohrwacher

Special mention: L’HEURE DE LA SORTIE, de Sébastien Marnier

Best director: Panos Cosmatos, per MANDY

Best actress (patrocinat per Vallformosa): Andrea Riseborough, per NANCY

Best actor: Hasan Ma’jun, per PIG

Best screeplay (patrocinat per CaixaBank / Obra Social ‘la Caixa’): Quentin Dupieux, per AU POSTE!

Best special effects (patrocinat per Slate): Atsushi Doi, per INUYASHIKI

Best cinematography: Panjar Kumar, per TUMBBAD

Best original music: Chu Ishikawa, per KILLING

Grand Audience Award (patrocinat per La Vanguardia): UPGRADE (ILIMITADO)

Audience Award Panorama Fantàstic: MONSTRUM

Audience Award Sitges Documenta: GOODBYE RINGO

Best shortfilm (patrocinado por Fotogramas): POST MORTEM MARY, de Joshua Long

Noves Visions

Best feature lenth film Noves Visions: DESENTERRANDO SAD HILL, de Guillermo de Oliveira

Best director: Philip Groning, per  MY BROTHER’S NAME IS ROBERT AND HE IS AND IDIOT

Best shortfilm Noves Visions: DEER BOY, de Katarzyna Gondek

Special mention: DOMESTIK, d’Adam Sedlák

Special mention for best actress: Jessie Buckley, per BEAST

Special mention: CHERNOBYL, 1986, de Toni Comas

Blood Window

Best feature length film: MUERE, MONSTRUO, MUERE, d’Alejandro Fadel


Silver Méliès Award for Best feature length film: FUGUE, d’Agnieszka Smoczynska

Silver Méliès Award for best shortfilm: THE DEATH OF DON QUIXOTE, de Miguel Faus

Focus Àsia

TUMBBAD, de Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi Lee An-kyu

Special mention: MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU, de Timo Tjahjanto


Best feature length film: MIRAI, de Mamoru Hosoda

Special mention feature length film: TITO E OS PÁSSAROS, de Gustavo Steimberg, Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto

Best shortfilm: THE WHEEL TURNS, de Sang Joon Kim

Special mention shortfilm: UNTRAVEL, d’Ana Nedljkovi, Nikola Majdak Jr.


Best feature length film: AMERICAN ANIMALS, de Bart Layton

Special mention: FLEUVE NOIR, d’Erick Zonca

Fantàstic Discovery

Best feature length film: MAQUIA: WHEN THE PROMISED FLOWER BLOOMS, de Mari Okada

Midnight X-Treme

Best feature length film: MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU, de Timo Tjahjanto

Premi Brigadoon Paul Naschy

BAGHEAD, d’Alberto Corredor

Jurat de la crítica

Jose Luis Guarner Critics’ Jury Award: LAZZARO FELICE, d’Alice Rohrwacher

Citizen Kane Award for best new director: DOMESTIK, d’Adam Sedlák

Special mention: UNDER THE SILVER LAKE, de David Robert Mitchel

Slatix Sitges Cocoon

Best virtual realty film (patrocinat per Slatix): DEERBROOK, de Grayson Moore, Aidan Shipley, John Riera, Connor Illsley

Premis SGAE Nova Autoria

Best director: JAURÍA, de Gemma Blasco

Best screenplay: Aleix Abulí, per CIUTAT I SELVA

Best original music: Natasha Arizu, per DOT

Jurat Carnet Jove

Best feature length film Jove Jury: LAZZARO FELICE, d’Alice Rohrwacher

Department de Premsa |
SITGES 2018 – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya
51a edició |
Sant Honorat, 32 – 34 | 08870 Sitges (Barcelona)
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